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Marks & Spencer
6733 8122

Founded in 1958, Marks & Spencer celebrates over 50 years as an icon of quality and style in Singapore. Bringing a slice of London to our sunny shores, the retailer balances well-loved favourites with new lineups that continue to surprise and delight shoppers each season. Marks & Spencer houses the latest fashion and lingerie collections, beauty treats, nutritious food and fine wines for women and men.  

Beauty / Hair Services

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6732 0070

Inspired by Bauhaus, the German art movement, Browhaus is your one-stop brow and lash grooming salon, built for the image-conscious urbanite who demands not just function, but function and style. Expect the highest technical proficiency but with a stunning and fashionable end result. Browhaus is here for your facial hair grooming needs — the hair on your face never had a better close-up! 

Clarins Skin Spa
6838 5060

In 1954, Jacques Courtin-Clarins opened the first Clarins Institute in Paris. Today, Clarins is Europe's leading luxury beauty brand, boasting over 50 years of skincare and body care expertise. With the commitment to produce only the safest skincare products that respect even the most sensitive skin, Clarins is also the first beauty brand that champions the use of 100% plant ingredients in its formulas. Every year, Clarins unveils new secrets of Mother Nature and incorporates them to create some of the industry's most effective yet gentle beauty solutions. Caring for your skin. It begins with Clarins. 

HAACH curation
6733 9193
109 Curation Logo - store guide.jpeg

HAACH Curation presents a unique integrated skincare spa salon and wellness boutique clinic concept, bringing under one roof – HAACH’s signature facial therapies and clinical Chiropractic and Physiotherapy care powered by Natural Healings.

Conveniently located in the heart of Orchard Road, HAACH Curation is located on level 4 of Wheelock Place – a premium location that is accessible yet elegant and serene amongst the city’s hustle and bustle.

Jet Concepts
6733 7055

Jet Concepts is the one-stop emporium for your skin's needs. By combining state-of-the-art technology with creme-de-la-creme ingredients, the brand is able to bridge the gap between medical treatments and over-the-counter products, to offer super effective skincare solutions at affordable prices. 

Jiwon Hair Salon
6836 8419

Established since 2003, Jiwon Hair Salon is the best and first Korean salon to have found roots in Singapore. Offering the full suite of hair styling services with Korean hairstylists, it is popular with the Korean community, and has garnered a base of loyal local clients as well. 

The salon is furnished with wood and lush botanicals, imparting a natural ambience with the culture of Korean hospitality, which is what Jiwon wants its customers to experience. 

Jiwon uses hair products which have plant-derived ingredients, including Aveda's organic products. 

Jurlique Day Spa
6735 7177

It is the latest Jurlique concept store with four treatment room facilities. At the day spa, we sell a full range of Jurlique skincare products and provide a full range of Jurlique face and body treatments. Jurlique Day Spa offers personalised aroma therapeutic natural therapy for face and body.

Treatments are boosted with living energy of plant and flower-based extracts and elixirs that are hand harvested in certified biodynamic farms in South Australia.

The Jurlique touch is customised to stimulate the lymphatic system and improve circulation for better penetration of Jurlique skincare. 

Kenaris Hair Salon
6333 8209

Kenaris salon is composed of a team of 30 professional hairdressers who have collectively accumulated more than fifteen years of experience in the hair styling industry as well as awards from Color Trophy and Golden Scissors.

With our professional well trained stylists, we are proud to deliver the best quality hair services and treatment as well as provide our customers with a complete range of quality products for salon and home use.

Our creative teams are constantly upgrading their skills through vigorous training and overseas refresher programmes, bringing you the latest fashion in coloring, perming and cutting techniques.

At our salon, we provide an up market service standard that includes the full array of hair and beauty care needs. These include hairstyling, make-up, and specialised bridal make-up service.

MTM Skincare
6737 1078

No two skins are alike. Hence, at MTM, we truly understand how important it is to address individual skin's needs. We have created over 300 formulations to be optimized on each step of your skin progress, combined with an extensive offering of Custom-blended products and professional Custom-blended facial treatments. A whole new skincare concept you've yet to explore. 

PHS Hairscience LAB
6220 6948

PHS HAIRSCIENCE LAB, formerly known as PHYTO HAIR SPA, is a revolutionary new concept in hair and scalp treatments. Here, we combine the wonders of nature with the latest advancements in technology and research to come up with the best treatments for your hair and scalp problems.

We believe that most scalp and hair problems can be cured - not only through the use of effective products, but through proper consultation and advice.

Miracles can happen. But they won't happen overnight.

At PHS HAIRSCIENCE LAB, we advocate a sane and realistic approach to your scalp and hair problems. We do not give you empty promises or short-term results. Instead, our trichologist-trained consultants will analyse your scalp condition and customize a detailed program for you, based on our signature 3-STEP DSR program.

It is only through proper diagnosis and a carefully monitored treatment regime that you will finally see the results you desire.

Qi Mantra Remedial Spa
6737 3463

Qi Mantra was launched in 2003 as a contemporary take on traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture massage. In the following years, the brand has become synonymous with effective acupressure massages in the comfort of stylish salons. The mix of old and new, East meets West vibe has attracted the attention of style gurus such as the Luxe Guide and Wallpaper*.



Regina Hair Skin Body Specialist
6735 5510
86 Logo.jpg
6738 0100
Snails the nail spa is dedicated in providing exceptional nail care service by our highly experienced technicians in a clean and relaxing environment. Discover our luxurious treatments and huge selection of gel nails customised to your preference.
Strip Buddy
6734 0040

Ministry Of Waxing, the first international concept waxing boutique since 2002, has thriving outlets in London, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Manila, Bangkok, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur. Being at the forefront of Brazilian waxing, Strip offers quality service and advanced techniques when it comes to pre- and post-wax care. You are assured of total hygiene as Strip follows a strict "no double dip" mantra. The products used and offered here, such as the SOS Virgin Forest Rescue Kit and Strip Hygiene Pack, go a long way to ensure that your Brazilian wax experience is blissful! 

THE Salon
6734 0734

THE Salon provides a wide range of grooming services ranging from hair, make-up, eyebrow shaping to nails and Bridal services. We are proud to house some of the most artistic hairstylists, manicurists and make-up artistes in town. United through its passion for hair, our team at THE Salon has received much acclaim for its distintive styling and beautiful colours, not just on the catwalks but also when it count most - on the streets.  

Vedure Mediboutique
6732 6448

Vedure MediBoutique is an award-winning medical spa. We specialize in non-invasive programs using proven technologies to complement face rejuvenaiton and body slimming programs.

Consisting of Vedure MediBoutique, Nail Spa & Vedure Clinic, we are located at the heart of Orchard Road at Wheelock Place. The team consists of more than 20 aestheticians, manicurists, masseuses and 2 medical aesthetic Doctors. 

Fashion / Jewellery

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Benjamin Barker
6733 3275
82 Barker.jpg

A menswear brand for the discerning gentleman.

We makes clothes for real men. We make clothes that speak comfort, style and personality.

We curate brands with similar alignment and have committed themselves to a high degree of handcraftsmanship. Suits, shoes and accessories - a one-stop retail destination to complete the look of the lifestyle connoisseur.

Calvin Klein Underwear
6836 0926
79 2.jpg

Calvin Klein Underwear, the world's first designer underwear brand founded in 1982, is recognized for its sexy, cutting-edge products and visuals. The brand has established itself as a world leader in the industry and consistently challenges itself to redefine that concept through inventive products, packaging, and marketing.

Dave Fine Jewellery
6836 5488

Born in 1974, Singaporean jeweler D A V E Soh grew up with innate love for precious gemstones. He sold his first piece - a pink sapphire cocktail ring - at age 15 and has not looked back since.

In 2000, he launched D A V E Fine Jewellery, which offers the discerning, modern woman a range of brilliant. precious gem-encrusted accessories as affordable luxuries. D A V E firmly believes that great style should not be limited by budgets. Every woman should feel like a million dollars, without having to spend even a fraction of that amount.

Fascinated by how gemstones are cultivated naturally by earth and by time, D A V E is on a constant search for the best and the brightest gemstones. He carefully handpicks stones with most color and clarity from Africa, Brazil and Afghanistan to nestle into handcrafted settings fashioned out of precious metals.

Bold, sexy and coveted, D A V E Fine Jewellery is today's jewelry staple without the hefty price tag. 

Eclecticism & Lauren Jasmine
6735 0543


Established in February 2006, Eclecticism is a multi-label boutique that strives to offer Singaporeans an exciting array of internationally sought after brands from Australia, USA, Singapore and London. An eclectic mix of designer labels, which include Twelfth Street By Cynthia Vincent, Free People, Ella Moss, Splendid, Something Else and Patterson J. Kincaid, can be found exclusively at Eclecticism.

Lauren Jasmine

Brought to you by multi-label boutique Eclecticism, Lauren Jasmine was conceptualized and co-designed by Hazel Chang and Liyana Johan who wanted to design work-appropriate pieces that embrace the eclectic and diverse styles that Eclecticism represents.

The label is named after Hazel’s niece Lauren Jasmine, who at four years old inspired the creation of the brand and each of the five collections released since its launch. Lauren Jasmine hopes to make work wear even more accessible to working women with classic silhouettes coupled with unique detailing.  

6735 7195

gordonMax is the proud owner of SMART * Diamonds - the best quality Man-Made Diamonds from Europe, equivalent to D*E Colour and Flawless Grade. It has the same eye*appeal as real*mined diamonds but only at a fraction of the cost.

At gordonMax, being SMART has never been this elegant.

*Scientifically-made, Artificially-Refined, Technological Diamonds.  

6735 9879
100 (revised).jpg

Kaylie is a youthful, glamorous brand which epitomizes the fashion forward and quality-conscious woman. Born out of a lifelong passion for clothing, the team at Kaylie strives to bring you smart, sexy pieces that are timeless and exquisite.

Kaylie offers office and business attire, cocktail and party dresses, gowns and evening wear.

6734 5668

Lafont, a multi-label fashion boutique, offers apparels, bags, accessories and lifestyle items sourced from Europe and Asia. Catering to the modern and stylish woman looking for exquisite designer pieces, Lafont carries brands including Imperial, Northland, Please, Les Babies, Deby Debo and Kontatto.

6235 9329
28 logo white square.png

Mazzario is a boutique specialising in made-to-measure and ready-to-wear cheongsams. Whimsical yet elegant, the designs put a spin on oriental glamour in cheongsam-inspired apparel, ranging from casual blouses to evening cheongsam gowns.

6341 7206
110 - store guide.jpg

Privé House is a womenswear boutique specialising in evening and custom-made evening and bridal gowns.

Founded by Socialite Simbian Chua, the label aims to create beautiful gowns with flair, reflecting the spirit of French couture with well-cut silhouettes and embellishments.

6887 4985
84 website.jpg

rosebullet balances cheeky fun with sassy glamour. It is the expression of a lady who is romantic, glamorous and full of attitude. With "rose" depicting femininity and "bullet" illustrating edgy style, rosebullet features a refreshing mix of cutting edge fashion and chic modern style.

The Wheelock Place branch also carries, for the first time in Singapore, a selection from another well-loved Shibuya brand - Love Boat. Renowned for its current street fashion, Love Boat incorporates mode and classic pieces into the line, allowing the fashion conscious to showcase their individualistic style.  

Rustic Room
6235 2291

Rustic Room® is a premium retailer of ladies ready-to-wear clothing under the label of Rustic clothing®.   

Rustic clothing® is an exclusive ready-to-wear line that exemplifies the relaxed and feminine lifestyle of the modern sophisticated woman. Using natural fabrics, the cut is international, designs are contemporary, and the look is evergreen.

Linen, cotton and viscose are featured fabrics, imported exclusively from leading European fabric mills. Fabric selection is the critical first step in the creation of a Rustic clothing® garment. Only the highest quality fabric with attractive prints and interesting colours are chosen.

Rustic clothing® garments are manufactured in Singapore. To ensure the production of a highly superior garment, stringent quality control is adopted in the manufacturing process. Each style is produced in limited quantity, with refined stitching and meticulous attention to the smallest details. 

6887 3115

Envisioned to provide the modern day women with the ultimate shopping experience.

Comfortable and stylish designs, using the finest of Japanese fabrics; behold the classic collections of quintessential style that completes your everyday wardrobe with a full range of apparel and accessories that boast to suit your every mood and occasion.




The Editor's Market
6238 6208
113 image 5.jpg

The Editor's Market is a fashion-forward apparel and accessory retailer with distinctive, sometimes understated, collections that take on a minimalist edge.

The Editor's Market targets youthful, discerning and well-travelled women who share our avid interest in arts, design, music and culture.

threadbare & squirrel
6235 0680

threadbare & squirrel is a thoughtfully curated store that strives to provide honest and obtainable clothes, accessories, bags and everything in between. They make sure that every visit to the store is a curated experience that will be delightful to explore.

threadbare & squirrel loves working with the independent, low batch, passionate designers and artisans that provide the goods that fill their racks and stock their shelves. You are bound to find some nifty stuff that will make you look good and curios that are sure to delight.

Aesthetic / Dental / Medical Services

Shop Name
Unit No.
Telephone No.
AOMS Japanese Dental
6738 6550
Calvin Chan Aesthetic & Laser Clinic
6732 4981

Calvin Chan Aesthetic & Laser Clinic is a one-stop medical aesthetic centre offering FDA-approved, state-of-the art, non-and minimally-invasive treatments ranging from skin and hair rejuvenation procedures, acne and pigmenation solutions as well as body contouring and fat loss treatments. We do not charge consultation fees.  

David Loh Surgery
6733 5300

Dr David Loh founded David Loh Surgery in 2002 to cater to the demands of an image-conscious, fast-paced modern society. Focusing on aesthetic procedures that involve minimal recovery time, Dr Loh was among the first doctors to introduce the concept non-surgical facelifts and also small-area office-based liposuction in Singapore. The clinic's more popular treatments include Ulthera, Voluma filler injections, liposuction, Botox and fillers.  

L.C. Lien Dental Clinic
6835 3811
O Medical Clinic
6235 4434
97 Medical Clinic.jpg

The ONLY Group, Singapore’s award-winning aesthetic company, will open its latest boutique The O Medical Clinic in May 2014. The clinic offers an extensive portfolio of ONLY signature treatments along with its exclusive treatment, Face Freeze which is a first in Asia. 


About The ONLY Group
Established in 2005, The ONLY Group, a global company, is renowned for introducing latest and advanced technology in the beauty and medical aesthetic industry. Throughout the years, the Group has received numerous accolades and awards including the prestigious Singapore Outstanding Enterprise Award. With its comprehensive portfolio of products and services, The ONLY Group continues to receive rave reviews not only from traditional and social media but also from its loyal customers. 


Orchard Scotts Dental
6732 9939

At Orchard Scotts Dental, we pride ourselves with the quality of our results. Your safety and comfort is our priority. We are equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure you have a pleasant dental experience. 

Raffles Japanese Clinic
6738 6550
92 Japanese Clinic Logo.jpg

Raffles Japanese Clinic offers a comprehensive range of services catering to Japanese patients in Singapore. It is served by an all-Japanese and Japanese-speaking team of staff, adopting a Japanese system to make patients feel at home and at ease.

Shinagawa LASIK & Eye Centre
6738 8222

At Shinagawa LASIK & Eye Centre, our services are customized to the patient's eyes. We perform vigorous checks with a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment that provides accurate data for us to determine which procedure or treatment is best for our patient. Our team believes in spending time with our patients to ensure that they have a complete understanding, both pros and cons of the treatment or procedure they may require or requested for.

Simply Endodontics
6835 4849

Specialist in Endodontics — Root Canal Treatment and Dental Pain Management. 

Skinlab The Medical Spa
6235 3246

SkinLab The Medical Spa integrates the pampering, attentive yet unobtrusive services of a world class spa with the most advanced of medical techniques in aesthetic medicine and cosmetic dermatology. In this facility, we create non-invasive, non-surgical, safe and effective beauty solutions to treat mind, body and soul.  

The Chelsea Clinic
6735 8833
87 Chelsea Clinic1.jpg


The Chelsea Clinic at Wheelock is the latest of 4 medical aesthetic clinics managed by Wen & Weng Medical Group (Established  in 1999). Providing safe, up-to-date and most importantly, affordable treatments for hair, face and body, our doctors offer professionalism with a heart. Popular procedures are Thermage, Ultherapy, Liposonix, Botox, Filler Injections and Clear & Brilliant Laser.



Tooth Art Dental Centre
6333 6967

Tooth Art is an aesthetic centre specialising in orthodontics (braces for children and adults). This is complemented by restorative services (implants, veneers, crowns, bridges, teeth whitening) and oral surgery (wisdom tooth surgery). We are also a Medisave accredited and BabyBonus approved clinic. 

Vedure Clinic
6732 6448

Vedure MediBoutique is an award-winning medical spa. We specialize in non-invasive programs using proven technologies to complement face rejuvenation and body slimming programs.

Consisting of Vedure MediBoutique, Nail Spa & Vedure Clinic, we are located at the heart of Orchard Road at Wheelock Place. The team consists of more than 20 aestheticians, manicurists, masseuses and 2 medical aesthetic Doctors.  

Yuan TCM Wellness
6235 2855

A ladies-only TCM boutique, YUAN focuses holistically on women's beauty and wellness, aiming to help women feel the best they deserve. Foot reflexology is also available for both genders to get pampered with relaxing massages on pressure points to ease tensed muscles, relieve stress and restore balance to the body and mind. 

Bags / Footwear / Sportwear

Shop Name
Unit No.
Telephone No.
33 Thirty Three
6887 3733

33 Thirty Three is a multi-label footwear store representing stylish, fashionable shoes by G-Star RAW and gram for men & women.

G-Star Raw Footwear follows the philosophy of G-Star apparel: Just the Product. Devoted to the device that form must follow function, G-Star Raw Footwear continually researches the boundaries and processes in craftsmanship while innovatively combining unexpected details from the fashion collection into its Footwear design.

Gram is all about sophisticated sneakers. Centred around the concept of weight, each shoe named after its weight in grams.  Based in Stockholm, the designs are unique in it’s own simplicity.

Arch Angel
6732 6564
112 Angel Wheelock - store guide.jpg

ARCH ANGEL is a unique footwear concept store that carries stylishly designed shoes which are also supremely comfortable.

ARCH ANGEL also stocks a wide range of well-curated footcare accessories such as arch-support insoles, specialty socks and stockings, silicone and polyurethane gel foot pads, and foot treatment creams.

All products are carefully sourced from all over the world by their footcare specialists who, apart from having in-depth knowledge about footcare, also have a keen eye for beauty and style.

6887 3136

Cork. Leather. A buckle or two. A simple idea that's made feet happy for over two hundred years. That's the original Birkenstock. Made in Germany since 1774 (with a few minor design tweaks in the meantime). No smoke. No mirrors. No gizmos. You walk, the shoe molds to your foot. You feel good. We feel good. That's the deal.

6238 6371

Founded in the 1990s in Melbourne Australia, Crumpler is a messenger bag company offering the very latest and brightest for laptops, cameras, cell phones, travel etc.

It was not long before Crumpler became a huge name worldwide as its bags began to gain popularity and iconic stature.

Design, durability, efficiency and water resistance are the core focus of all Crumpler bags. The bags are made out of DuPont Cordura Plus, an industrial strength nylon fabric, while the straps are made out of seat belt webbing.

So if you're looking for a stylish bag with its own distinct qualities and features, do visit us.

6733 3486

Cumulus is a contemporary lifestyle store featuring limited-edition bags and accessories for consumers that appreciate clever design, craftsmanship and innovation. From backpacks to messengers, wallets to cool gadgets, the store presents a thoughtful selection of established design brands as well as emerging independent designers.

Launched in May 2010, Cumulus recognised that there was an unanswered need for urban lifestyle products that are a fusion of both art and design - conceptually refined, but still smart and practical. 

The name Cumulus references the meteorological term for clouds and is also the Latin word for "accumulate", which is very fitting as we are an accumulation of the hottest design lifestyle brands - always changing, always evolving. 

In addition to giving indie product designers an opportunity to showcase their eclectic designs, we like to think that we offer customers unique products in an age of conspicuous 'big-brands' consumption. But more importantly, we believe what sets us apart is our level of service. Our sales staff are courteous, helpful, and above all, well-informed. Whether its brand provenance, material innovation or design benefits - our staff are poised to discuss and make product recommendations, with a smile.

Individuals who are in touch with design, technology and fashion trends and who love style and practicality. 

At Cumulus, we currently carry brands such as COTEetCIEL (France), Jack Spade (USA), Knomo (London), Qwstion (Switzerland), Nomadic (Japan), and many others. Do check out our website for the full list.

Dr. Martens
6737 6278

Dr. Martens air-cushioned sole, designed by German inventor, Dr. Klaus Maertens, was engineered to meet the specific need of providing additional support and comfort for a broken foot.

The Dr. Martens boot, manufactured by R Griggs and Co, British boot makers, with its trademark yellow stitch, grooved sole and heel-loop, was a boot for workers; comfortable, durable and lightweight in comparison to its competitors at the time.

Initially worn by postmen, policemen and everyday workers, the boots were adopted, customised and used as a tribal emblem by successive subcultures, decade after decade.

And over the past 50 years Dr. Martens boots and shoes haven\\\'t changed. The original boot and shoes are still simple, versatile, functional and stylish all at the same time - yet are still associated with individuality, creativity and rebellion.

Dr. Martens continue to make the Made In England collection at the unique Cobb\\\'s Lane factory, which has been producing footwear for the Griggs family since 1901. It is the home of the original Dr. Martens boot and shoe and within these modest factory walls work a close-knit family of people steeped in traditional shoe-making methods.

In amongst the smell of freshly cut leather and the noisy backdrop of pristinely preserved machinery, the unmistakable shape of a Dr. Martens begins to form: travelling the short length of the factory floor beginning with a small pile of tanned leather hides. The process takes the boot through various highly skilled stages of evolution until its final arrival - laced up and spotless - in a box, ready for a life of being cherished. Dr. Martens - an immediately recognisable, UK product classic.  

Honma Golf
6338 2380

Pan-West is the sole distributor of Honma, a top range of golf clubs, in Singapore. Honma offers top-of-the-line custom-fitting services and programmes which vary country to country. Honma's premium golf club sets comes with custom-fitting which allows buyers to order special colours for the clubheads and shafts, and excellent after-sales service. This is possible as the golf clubs are manufactured by the brand when others use OEM manufacturers.

Honma is always looking for the best performance, accuracy and distance. Its craftsmen strive to create clubs which have the best tech features, and beautiful as well. Visit Honma to have a feel of the best performing club.

6235 2946

Melissa, from Brazil, is the world’s number one plastic footwear brand that has been creating innovative designs and electrifying women’s imagination of shoes for over 30 years. A global fashion icon with a signature candylicious scent like no other, visit Melissa's first Singapore boutique in Wheelock Place.

6235 7152

Naturalizer shoes feature an exclusive N5 comfort system — five essential features that are proven to provide all day comfort: extra cushioning, breathable linings, balance with every step, flexible soles and lightweight material. Naturalizer inspires women to live their lives and love their shoes in 60 countries around the world. 

Outdoor Life
6235 5928

The largest outdoor goods retailer in Singapore brings in impressive array of innovative, high- performance, high-range apparel, footwear, backpacks, camping equipment etc.

Whether you are looking for a casual jacket for the business trip to Tokyo in December, or a climbing junkie looking for launch an expedition in the Mt Everest; Outdoor Life gladly shares its in-depth product knowledge and love for outdoor life with you.

Samsonite Red
6735 7506
96 Red (Store image).jpg

Samsonite Red's Business Casual, Urban Casual and Young Casual lines offer contemporary and intricately-designed backpacks, briefcases, cross shoulder bags, handbags and clutches to carry you through from work to play. The minimalist-chic designs make every piece the perfect accompaniment to accentuate each outfit amidst a busy lifestyle.

Reinvigorate and revolutionize with the vivacious splash of colours as Samsonite Red celebrates the season’s renewal with the launch of its Spring/Summer 2014 collection. With continued emphasis on high-tech materials to ensure the functionality and durability of its products, the brand continues to showcase trendsetting designs well-loved by fashion-conscious urbanites with an active lifestyle.

6836 7980

StarThreeSixty takes pride in being one of the hippest and trendiest multi-brand store around with an unflinching commitment to bring the brightest and coolest items to our store. A one-stop wonderland for those with an eye for fresh, fun fashion.  

6235 1322

Born 1911 in Torino, Italy, under the stewardship of Walter Martiny, Superga started producing shoes with vulcanized rubber soles, ensuring both flexibility and durability, thereby redefining the humble trainer. The Classic Superga 2750 range has been an icon from the beginning. Long a favorite for taking Italians from the city to the beach during the weekends, it's ubiquity demonstrates its versatility, and crucially, comfort— thus the slogan “People’s shoes of Italy”.


Cafes / Restaurants

Shop Name
Unit No.
Telephone No.
Bangkok Jam
6836 0989

Bangkok Jam epitomises the pulse and lively tempo of Asia's "City of Angels", better known as Bangkok. The restaurant dishes out mouth-watering classic and contemporary Thai food, weaving together Western and Thai ingredients and culinary styles; reminiscent of Bangkok's melting pot of culture, style, language and cuisine.  

Cedele By The Bakery Depot
6732 8520

Cedele food is handcrafted, made from scratch in small batches and using fresh, quality, natural ingredients. There are no preservatives, improvers or emulsifiers in our food... and absolutely no trans fat. We use organic unrefined sugar. Our "Eat Well, Be Well" philosophy has made Cedele the daily-meal stop for many of our customers.

Drop in at Cedele All Day Dining Wheelock Place and savour our handmade Burgers, Grills & Greens Salads (with homemade Dressings), Pasta, Mains, daily-made Soups (with free flow of bread from our Bread Bar), made-to-order Sandwiches, Organic Coffee, Lassi drinks, Caffeine-free Teas. Take Cedele home with our daily-baked Breads, Cakes, Pastries, Pies, Muffins, Cookies.  

NamNam Noodle Bar
6735 1488

NamNam Noodle Bar is a casual restaurant that highlights iconic Vietnamese street fare. The menu features 11 bowls of Vietnamese noodles and 6 savoury banh mi flavours from the streets of northern, central, and southern Vietnam.  

O'Coffee Club
#01-K1 & K2
6836 5737

O'Coffee Club is the new brand name of Coffee Club, which is the first homegrown coffee chain since 1991, with its first gourmet coffee house opened at Holland Village. OCoffee Club chain of 21 cafes now span across Singapore serving award-winning chef-created dishes, a fine selection of gourmet coffee and ice-blended beverages, cakes and desserts. O'Coffee Club's continuous innovation and commitment to quality and excellence has been celebrated with numerous awards over the years.  

Sakae Sushi
6737 6281

Sakae Sushi is the pioneer food and beverage brand of Sakae Holdings Ltd. Since its establishment in September 1997, Sakae Sushi has grown to become Singapore's largest kaiten sushi chain, with an impressive record of about 70 bustling outlets throughout Asia and more than 30 outlets in Singapore alone. Sakae Sushi offers a fuss-free and simple 3-tier pricing system and over 200 delectable varieties in their menu. At Sakae Sushi, "we serve only what we eat" has not only become our slogan but also our motivation and pride. We use top quality ingredients and also enrich our sushi rice with Vitamin E so that customers will benefit from it.  

Starbucks Coffee
6884 3424

Since 1971, Starbucks Coffee Company has been committed to ethically sourcing and roasting the highest quality arabica coffee in the world. Today, with stores around the globe, the company is the premier roaster and retailer of specialty coffee in the world.

Through unwavering commitment to excellence and the brand's guiding principles, Starbucks brings the unique Starbucks Experience to life for every customer through every cup.

Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe
6733 6636

At SUN with MOON, something's bound to satisfy — Experience for yourself a sumptuous spread of modern Japanese fare thoughtfully created by our Executive Chef, Mr. Toshio Sawai, in a casual & relaxed setting.  

The House of Robert Timms
6735 9201

With its first bistro opened on 4 November 2010 at Wheelock Place, The House of Robert Timms draws on the heritage of one of Australia's oldest and most established coffee brands. The brand epitomises the warm and down-to-earth spirit of Australia through its casual decor and wholesome cuisine. Serving only the freshest Australian ingredients and a selection of premium Australian wines and beers, The House of Robert Timms has brought the rich culinary flavours of Australia into Singapore. 

Speciality Stores

Shop Name
Unit No.
Telephone No.
AI Eye Fashion
6735 7730

An optical shop by an experienced Japanese optician. We offer an extensive range of high quality eyewear at a very reasonable price.

Atlantic Optical
6734 1577

Atlantic Optical eye care services include screening of glaucoma, cataract and macular degeneration. As well as childrens' myopia control, post lasik vision management and anti fatique lenses prescription to minimise eye strain for prolong computer usage.

Atlantic Optical carry a wide range of pleasing eyewear which include Paul Smith, Oliver Peoples, Karen Walker, Issey Miyake, Dita, Frency & Mercury, Mykita, Rudy Project sport wear and many more.  

Clout 9
6887 4468

/klout 9/


Sense of power or influence; crazy respect. A fashionista in their own right



Do you have what it takes to be in Clout 9?




Aigner . Anne Klein . Cerruti 1881 . Esprit . French Connection . Issey Miyake

Kenneth Cole . Moschino . Nixon . Police . Puma . Ted Baker . Tendence . TSovet






















































































































































6238 9378

EpiCentre is a first-mover to deliver not only a complete range of Apple products within a tactile in-store experience true to that of Apple Store, but also an industry leader in providing the most comprehensive variety of Apple and non-Apple branded accessories and innovative services.  

6737 7250

ergokid retails premium ergonomic desks, chairs and school bags that are fully adjustable to fit growing kids as well as adults. It is the official dealer for Moll, the indisputable leader in children ergonomic furniture. ergokid also carries the Swopper dynamic ergonomic chairs, and the widest range the ergonomic school bags: ergobag, Scout, Step by Step, DerDieDas and Totem.  

Flaming Queen Home
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Flaming Queen is a Multi-Brand retailer of Home Fragrances and accessories consisting of Candles, Reed Diffusers and Electronic Diffusers using fragrance capsules.

Brands available at Flaming Queen include: Mr & Mrs Fragrance, Esteban, Royal Doulton, Aquiesse, The Aromatherapy Company of New Zealand, Tocca & L’Erbolario and many more.

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Marasil offers stylish and quality European design clothing for children, fully covering the fashion needs of every child.

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Since its inception in 2013, Naiise has worked closely with its community of designers, partners and customers towards the goal of making “design for everyone, for everyday”.

Naiise’s second brick and mortar store at Wheelock Place opened in May 2015, marking another significant milestone for the Singapore-based retail start-up and giving town-goers the opportunity to experience the look, feel and even taste of some products available on the Naiise website.

This concept store will be a launching platform for exclusive and brand new designs for Naiise, while featuring Naiise’s well-loved classics and a rotating crop of new arrivals every fortnight. The strong focus on its product mix for this concept store ensures that each time the shoppers visit, the store experience is constantly new, fresh and engaging.

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From the folks that brought you Cumulus, Nimbus is a contemporary lifestyle initiative featuring limited-edition technology-centric products for consumers that appreciate clever design, craftsmanship and innovation.

Presenting a thoughtfully curated selection of collections from established brands as well as emerging independent designers, Nimbus is about curated consumption.  

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"The ideal gift is hidden here, nestled among all the every items that the French brand Pylones has been reinventing for over 25 years. For the young and the young at heart old, the range of Pylones objects means that colour can be tried in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, in a jewellery box…"

QCD Technology
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In- Warranty / Out-of- Warranty 

iPhone / iPad / iPod / iMac / Macbook / Macbook Pro / Macbook Air / Mac Mini / Mac Pro / other Apple devices and Accessories.

QCD Technology (Singapore) Pte Ltd is part of the QCD Group, which has operations in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
QCD Technology (Singapore) Pte Ltd was established in August 1995 as an IT system and service provider. Our goal is to give you the best possible service at all times. You can count on us to meet your commitments. In recent years, the company has also diversified into the distributorship of computer related electronic products. We would appreciate the opportunity to show you how competitive we can be while maintaining our Quality and Service. We would like to develop a relationship with you where we can reliably satisfy all your requirements.


Our Mission:
" To Develop Succesful Long-term Relationships Between
Buyers and Sellers. To Provide Quality Services to End Customers
and Suppliers."















Shinagawa Optical
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Shinagawa Optical showcases an extensive range of eyewear with more than half of the designer eyewear frames imported from Japan and specially designed to tailor-fit Asian features. Offering customers a whole new shopping experience, the store also features the NIKON spectacle dispensing concept equipped with a visual camera that detects the optical centre of the eye for better visual acuity as customers sit by a three-fold mirror reviewing their eyewear from different angles. Visit us today and let the team of certified optometrists and opticians take you through the primary ocular health screening and make recommendations according to your lifestyle needs.  

Sunglass Hut
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At Sunglass Hut, our mission is to be the premier shopping and inspiration destination for the top brands, latest trends and exclusive styles of high quality fashion and performance sunglasses.